To Blog or Not to Blog? That is the Question.

Looking for a more constant outlet to strenuously defend fundamental values and to persistently expose falsehoods and fallacies.

2-1I love this high school picture of my Mom.  Among all the things she accomplished in her life, she was a writer of plays, novels and inspiring letters.  She was also an avid reader, who surrounded herself (and her kids) with books.  She was consistently thoughtful, passionate and principled.  I strive to follow her example.

My own reading and writing has most often been connected to my work.   As a lawyer, I read the law and wrote mind-numbing contracts and prospectuses.  As an investment banker and businessman, I have studied financial reports and industrial analysis, and written book-length descriptions of companies and projects.

Then I ran for the U.S. Senate in 2016.  This was a drink-from-a-firehose education, like doing a post-graduate program in months instead of years.

With this experience came deeper understanding of the issues we confront as Idahoans and Americans.  It also motivated me to a passionate purpose: to promote factual clarity and reason in what appears to be an officially-sanctioned atmosphere of “fake news” and fallacy.

In the clearest and simplest terms I can muster, I seek to correct factual misrepresentation and logical absurdity–and to beat back the impending threats to our most fundamental values.

For these reasons, I have written about honesty, trust, acceptance, compassion, respect and decency.  I have given priority to exposing the factual errors and illogic behind travel bans, “extreme vetting,” “repeal and replace,” and the “Con-Con” movement that threatens to muck up our Constitution.

The Idaho Statesman and the Post-Register have been exceedingly gracious in publishing my work (and I will continue to submit articles to those and other papers).  However, I am looking for a more constant outlet to strenuously defend our values and to persistently expose falsehoods and fallacies, including those emanating from our state and federal governments.

To blog or not to blog?  I will blog, and I hope you will join me.

Author: jerrysturgill

Leader, lawyer, banker, dad. Trying to make the world less bad.

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